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Meet Radiquel: Your Certified Nutritionist for Plant-Based Eating

There is a growing number of people practicing plant-based diets, and it doesn’t take much to understand why. As more people become aware of its health benefits and ecological impact, plant-based diets are becoming a popular source for their bodies’ sustenance and the protection of our planet. However, it is sometimes difficult to make your way through the universe of plant-based eating and if you are a newbie in this lifestyle. That is where Radiquel i a certified nutritionist who has expertise in all areas of plant-based living. From food preparation to nutrient intake optimization, Radiquel will always stand by your side and be there whenever you need assistance. So let’s get straight to it and introduce the expert responsible for your favorite all-plant everything knowledge source.

Radiquel recommends tasty plant-based recipes.

It is possible that you would like to start eating more vegetarian dishes, however not knowing where to begin. For all things plant-based, we look no further than Radiquel as our trusted certified best vegan nutritionist in Australia. Adding her skills and love for healthy, savory food to the equation has led her not only create a worthy repertoire of tasteful yet indulgent plant-based recipes.

The first item on the menu is chickpea curry from Radiquel that will make your mouth water. This is a protein-rich and flavorful dish that adds aromas of cumin, turmeric, and coriander spices to the meal. Serve it alongside a mound of long-grain basmati rice or with warm naan bread for the perfect meal.

If you are looking for something lighter having the same taste, try Radiquel’s quinoa salad that is refreshing. This vibrant medley of crunchy vegetables, piquant lemon dressing and fluffy quinoa not only tastes to the eyes but also delivers quite a lot of vitamins and minerals. It works well as a standalone lunch choice or served as an extra dish in your upcoming party.

Even for those who would love to go sweet but still keep up with their plant-based lifestyle, Radiquel has your back because she offers you a delicious avocado chocolate mousse. Using ripe avocados, high- quality cocoa powder and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup or dates to make this creamy treat will be enough for every chocolate lover who likes excellent taste without harming health.

Plant-Based Diet Myths 

However, in the case of plant-based diet, there are several widespread misconceptions that seem to be overlooked. It is high time to analyze the following myths and disprove them once.

A common myth is that vegetarian dishes are bland or boring. This is furthest from the case! With a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains legumes and spices; there are many dishes from which to choose that are tasty as well interesting. That is why plant-based eating provides diversity such as colorful salads to filling soups and stews.

A second myth is that you will not receive enough protein from a vegetarian diet. Although it is often thought that animal products represent the leading source of protein in most diets, plants are also very rich sources for this crucial nutrient. Legumes such as lentils or chickpeas, soy foods like tofu and tempeh, quinoa nutsand seeds are all good sources of protein.

The benefits of plant-based diets include:

With the increasing demands of modern life, it is seen that more and more people are focusing on plant-based consuming. And with good reason! Benefits of the plant-based diet lie not in personal health only but also far beyond. By choosing to feed our bodies with lively fruits, vegetables, whole grains or legumes we benefit the planet and promote animal rights.

A major benefit of plant-based diet is that the overall heart health benefits for its adherents. Plant foods are naturally free from saturated fats and cholesterol while containing fiber, antioxidants among other important nutrients that can help lower high blood pressure levels to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to this, eating a plant-based diet is associated with improved weight loss. Animal based foods are higher in calories and lower on volume than plant-based food. This means that you will be able to consume more without having concerns regarding overconsumption of calories. Moreover, research has also established that people who adhere to a largely vegetarian diet have relatively lower body mass indexes (BMI) on average.

Secondly, a notable advantage is the fact how vegetarianism fosters good digestive system. Plants provide many dietary fibres that aid in constipation prevention and gut health. A healthy, plant-based diet that can address digestive problems like bloating or constipation and are packed with essential vitamins and minerals required for proper body functioning.

Furthermore, it has been shown by many studies that people who take plants as the main source of their nutrition somehow have better moods and mental health. The consumption of nutrient-dense foods such as leafy greens or omega 3 chia seeds feed both our bodies and brains. These foods are sources of components with known beneficial effects on cognitive function that can help enhance focus, memory retention and may even lower risk factors associated to age-related decline in cognition.