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Minimising the Environmental Impact of Office Cleaning Procedures

Environmental sustainability is a topic that consumers and businesses alike are aware of. Many customers prefer to do business with companies that are more environmentally conscious and if you have such a concept in your company, you need to make sure that it is executed throughout all aspects.

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We are considering how you can reduce the environmental impact of office cleaning. Many companies hire professional cleaners and there can be many cleaning products and practices that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, when you are choosing office cleaners Perth you need to ask beforehand what kind of cleaning products are used. Check whether they use environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning supplies. There is also a lot of water used in cleaning. You need to make sure that you use a limited amount of water and this can be done by utilising water efficient equipment. There is also low flow equipment that can be used. Ask the cleaning company how they reduce energy usage. Check whether they use energy efficient equipment such as vacuum cleaners, high pressure water cleaners and floor polishers.

There is often waste created as a result of cleaning procedures but for improved sustainability, you need to consider how waste can be minimised. Check if the company uses reusable cleaning equipment such as mops and cleaning cloths. If any waste is created, check whether that is disposed of properly. Any materials that can be recycled should be sent for recycling. You can select cleaning companies that can devise a green cleaning programme for you that use eco-friendly cleaning products and reduces water and energy usage. Ask them about how they promote sustainability through cleaning. You should also educate your employees about the use of environmentally sustainable cleaning practices. They should be trained on how to dispose of waste properly.

You can ask the cleaning company to provide you with a list of cleaning chemicals and equipment they use so that you can conduct further research into their eco-friendliness. You can also ask them whether they use any natural cleaning methods that can disinfect surfaces without harming the environment. Ask the company about the nature of training their employees go through and whether this includes educating them about eco-friendly cleaning practices. The company you select should be socially responsible so that you can be sure they treat their employees fairly. Ask how they maintain a safe and healthy working environment for the employees. You can also do your bit for the environment by switching to paperless communication where possible so that digital documents and emails are used. This will also produce less waste. You should also make sure that recycling is a part of your office cleaning programme.  There should be dedicated bins for paper, glass, plastic and organic so that employees can sort their waste responsibly. And you can track the progress of your cleaning practices over time to see how they can be improved in the future.